American Horror Story: 1984

Welcome to Camp Redwood

Fans of American Horror Story and classic horror ’80’s movies are doing the happy dance as FX has dropped the first trailer for their latest installment in the hit series: American Horror Story: 1984.

For those who need a break from true crime, definitely check out American Horror Story: 1984 this Fall, producer Ryan Murphy brings us all of the basics (and more) of those ’80’s slasher flicks that we all know and love. Complete with it’s own urban legend, a knife-wielding psychotic named Mr. Jingles, the show seamlessly weaves in the staples of any good self-respecting 80’s horror film: bad heavy metal, god-awful big hair, a healthy dose of sex scenes enough makeup and bad fashion to even scare Ted Bundy away.

Welcome to Camp Redwood.

A bit from TV Guide:

In the trailer, a group of friends and aerobics enthusiasts — Cody FernEmma RobertsBillie LourdDeRon Horton, and Gus Kenworthy — are driving to a summer camp where Fern’s character has gotten a job when they accidentally hit a man with their car and try to abdicate all responsibility. (Classic!) After giving us this beloved slasher premise, the teaser leans even more into the genre’s iconic tropes, revealing that there’s a murderer on the loose, Mr. Jingles, who had been involved in a massacre at the summer camp years back. We bet the knife-wielding killer won’t waste any time heading back to Camp Redwood!

In addition to the five stars listed above, the season will also feature Frances ConroyLeslie GrossmanAngelica RossMatthew Morrison, Zach Villa, John Carroll Lynch, and Mitch Pileggi.

So grab your favorite flannel and gather ’round the campfire folks. American Horror Story: 1984 looks to encapsulate

Let’s see what fans are saying.
When I’m watching 1984, I’m definitely going to count the amount of times someone says “totally”

We’re with you, Micky. Like, totally.

We did, Rodsamua!

American Horror Story: 1984 premieres Wednesday, Sept. 18 at 10/9c on FX.

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