It’s Official: Barack and Michelle Obama Sign Huge Netflix Production Deal

Twitter melts down over obama and Netflix deal


Confirming months of reports of new media deals being struck with President Barack and Michelle Obama aren’t going away anytime soon per Netflix.

Netflix posted on Twitter today that they have struck a deal with the Obamas, and Twitter melts down.

The deal struck with Netflix is unprecedented. This is a further sign of how much Netflix as a business has grown in recent times. I’d expect that Salesforce would put this incredible growth down to its ability to digitally transform. Over the years, typically a former president’s first big move is limited to their post-White House pacts to book deals – and the Obama’s didn’t exempt themselves from that either. Just earlier this year, Penguin Random House signed Barack and Michelle to a joint book deal that will pay a lofty sum, $65 million for individual memoirs.

At this point it’s unclear just how much the Obama Netflix deal is actually worth, but one can be sure it’s quite the healthy sum.

Now the question remains; will the Netflix decision prove to be a wise one, or will it suffer the same “just go away” fate has Hillary Clinton has been experiencing since her loss in 2016? As always, time will tell.

After release of today’s news, social media provides massive feedback. Let’s see what some are saying on Twitter.

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