The Blacklist – Recap of ‘The Endling’ and Sneak Peek Of Tonight’s Episode

who will die tonight? recap and preview by Susan Black

Blacklist Popucrime Twitter Poll
Blacklist Popucrime Twitter Poll

Fans of The Blacklist have many questions. One being, who will die tonight? Here’s tonight’s preview, “Ilyas Surkov.”  Take a look.

Another question that has fans wondering – whose bones are in the suitcase?

First of all, let’s go back to last week. The opening scene of this last episode,‘The Endling’ ,was horrifying – even for The Blacklist series. Thinking about innocent Fitz Pleasure burning in that stable, not to mention an innocent man, is disturbing.

Seeing Liz (played by Megan Boone), Red (James Spader) and Dembe (Hisham Tawfiq) seated around a table at Red’s Airbnb hints at a sense of “family.” Liz certainly seems to be saying “but he’s my father” a lot and also lies to the task force and assists with getting sweet Golden Blood Ethan Isaacs/Shahir Ahmad to a secure medical facility. I’m thinking she will follow in the footsteps of Red at sooner than later.

Also, how on earth do these “crash” medical facilities, fully staffed, exist? I’m always shocked when Red goes to these places. I was so surprised when the dog groomer ended up having having the “Doctors Without Morals” suite in the back.

This episode showed a domestic side of Liz and Tom, ever so briefly. They even discuss wanting “normalcy” which seems odd for two people who lead anything but “normal” lives by choice. Watching Tom swipe and return Liz’s credentials made me furious. Realizing Liz isn’t without her faults, she certainly is vulnerable in many ways with regard to Tom.

Alicia Grey (played by Nirah Ahmad) killing herself so her son Ethan can have her heart is certainly maternally romantic. However, was sending Fitz Pleasure to a tortuous death really necessary? I know she is big on endlings, but it broke my heart.

Like you, I’m wondering who killed Dr. Nick. when Liz made the statement “I feel like I’ll never see him again.” Who knew she would be right?

Is it just me, or do you find yourself walking into your local dry cleaner, grocery store or even a neighbor’s house and wonder if Red’s underground Airbnb is closer than we know? The mailman and Red sure will make good partners and, without a doubt, a ton of money.

Yet after all this drama, we still don’t know whose bones are in the suite case. Also, who killed the person whose bones are in the suit case and where are the bones now?

As we mentioned earlier, rumor has it that someone close to Liz will die tonight. If so, who? So many questions. Meanwhile, fans are sharing their thoughts about this season on Twitter.

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