Blacklist – Recap of ‘The Kilgannon Corporation’ & Sneak Peek Of Tonight’s Episode

recap and preview of finale by Susan Black

The Blacklist - NBC/Hidden Remote
The Blacklist - NBC/Hidden Remote

What an episode last week was on The Blacklist. Seeing Dembe (played by Hisham Tawfiq) insert himself into the whole human trafficking issue (which is a very real problem in today’s world), and watching him bond with that little girl just made my heart melt. We don’t get to see Dembe’s softer side very often and it is a treat!

Additionally, this episode shows Red opening up to Liz about his humanity. Again, a rare peak into the “larger than life” character James Spader plays.

Watching Liz (played by Megan Boone) panic over Tom’s (played by Ryan Eggold) injuries was heart-wrenching. One has to wonder when she will finally realize that Tom will never be able to live a “civilian life” and “stay out of the business.” As much as she wants to believe it is true, I hope she sees the light soon. Below are the results of our most recent poll regarding what fans are thinking about Tom and Liz’s relationship.

The Blacklist Poll- Twitter
The Blacklist Poll- Twitter









Another interesting facet to this last episode was the Kilgannon family relationship. As we’ve seen in previous episodes, Red has lost many of his underground businesses. This episode spotlights the human trafficking route he would use. The Kilgannon family, headed by Arthur Kilgannon (played by Nick Tate) took over Red’s route. Apparently had turned the family business over to his son, Colin (played by Kevin Ryan).

When Arthur expresses dissatisfaction in the way Colin has been running the business, Colin’s answer to that is to strangle his own father! With Dembe being on one of the truck’s Colin was using to transport people, Red made a visit to Colin’s house (where he lived with his mother) in hopes of locating Dembe. When Red tells Colin he will kill his mother if Colin doesn’t tell him where Dembe’s truck is located, Colin tells him to go ahead and kill her – without any hesitation.

Aside from Colin pretty much abandoning his mother, this episode was enjoyable – it gave us an insight into what we don’t get to see very often… the ties that bind the task force together and the actual human side of some of the members. So often we only see the impersonal, tough FBI masks donned by the members and I feel this episode was refreshing.

Very much looking forward to the finale tonight. Minds should be prepared to be blown one more time by Red and his crew, once again. In the meantime, here is a sneak peek of tonight’s finale episode A Zero-Sum Game. Take a look courtesy NBC/The Blacklist:

Meanwhile, here’s what fans are saying on Twitter:

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