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So You’re A Racist If You Don’t Support Kaepernick?

April 22, 2017
Another great catch by Twitchy. According to Fusion, if you don’t support support football player Colin Kaepernick you are a…wait for it…racist! Yes, you heard that correctly. Shocker, right? The actual shocker here is that someone,
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Wyoming, MN PD Celebrates 420 In the Best Way

April 20, 2017
If they are guilty of anything, it’s having a great sense of humor.  Here’s what ensued today via Twitter – and we love it! Undercover #420 operations are in place. Discreet traps have been set
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April 9, 2017
Is stupidity a crime? No – but sometimes it should be. Check out this recent Twitter post from these racist geniuses: Racism, sexism, illiteracy and epic stupidity all for your pleasure. Who can be the
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“Fauxcahontas” is at it again.

March 21, 2017
One has to wonder if Elizabeth Warren is completely void of self-awareness. We’re thinking so.  Should you not recall her, Warren is the woman who claimed to be Native American because she had high cheekbones
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“White people are evil.”

March 19, 2017
Haters are going to hate and we are always happy to make them famous. Self-proclaimed feminist and freelance writer for Teen Vogue editor apparently does not like white people. Take a look for yourself. Lol