Harvey Weinstein- Source: Page Six
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Harvey Weinstein Does Perp Walk, Twitter Rejoices

May 25, 2018
Wait – did someone say sleazebag in handcuffs? You bet they did. As we all know Harvey Weinstein did the perp walk this morning after turning himself in on rape charges, and of course it
Jodi Arias and Travis Alexander

Waaat? Jodi Arias Now Wants Her Privacy

May 17, 2018
After being sentenced to life in prison for killing her boyfriend, Jodi Arias was catapulted into the media spotlight and wasted no time using her newly found notoriety…

Twitter Weighs In On Netflix’s ‘Evil Genius’

May 16, 2018
After reporting on Netflix’s new documentary, Evil Genius, the series aired and has taken off like wildfire and social media weighs in on the bizarre case below, with good reason. As the old saying goes, “sometimes the truth is stranger than fiction.”