Homicide Hunter’s Carl Marino Drops Truth Bomb On Twitter

Carl Marino Drops Truth Bomb On Twitter


We all love our Uncle Joe Kenda in Investigation Discovery’s wildly popular Homicide Hunter as well as actor, Carl Marino, who plays the younger version of Kenda in the series.

As it turns out Marino, like Kenda, tells it like it is.

This weekend he dropped a major truth bomb on filmmaker Josh Fox, who posted this tweet last week regarding racism.

Fox’s racist tweet drew outrage among many, and Marino took notice and hit Mr. Fox with a bit of brutal truth yesterday.

Needless to say, Marino’s opinion was certainly joined by many and some of these tweets are downright funny. Let’s take a look.

Fox goes on and doesn’t do himself any favors.

One thing is for sure – Carl Marino doesn’t play and isn’t shy. Just like many Homicide Hunter fans, we’re always looking forward to the next episode. Well played, Mr. Marino!

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