Homicide Hunter: Lt. Joe Kenda Returning This Fall.

Uncle Joe will be back!

Joe Kenda-ID Network
Joe Kenda-ID Network

Fans of Homicide Hunter: Lt. Joe Kenda will be very happy to know that that the show has been renewed for another season and returning this fall.

Per Carl Marino, who plays the younger Kenda on the very successful show on ID Network, Season 7 is a go.

In the show Lt. Kenda runs on an unscripted narrative and are are reenacted with actor and former deputy sheriff Carl Marino who portrays Mr. Kenda. Like many true crime shows it features first-hand accounts by law enforcement, family, friends as well as actual witnesses to the crimes.

Homicide Hunter debuted on October 25, 2011. To date, there have been 82 episodes that have been produced.

If you are a fan of ID Network, you are familiar with Lt. Joe Kenda’s very successful show.

Is it his deadpan voice, experience or plain old common sense that makes his show so successful? We say all three.

After going to work with the Colorado Springs Police Department Mr. Kenda, a Pennsylvania native, eventually became a detective. This would make sense as he worked in homicides for over nearly 20 years and would go on to take a leading role in the homicide department. He states “I loved the work. My wife – not so much.” One certainly can’t blame her.

The detective’s career reflects that he solved 92% of assault cases and attributes that to his instincts.

In 1990 Mr. Kenda would take a case that he states “met the standard for a Hollywood plot.” The case included an investigation of a woman, Dianne Hood, who was murdered at a lupus support group. She unfortunately had an attacker who ended up stealing her purse and murdered her. The case ended up receiving major attention by the media which would even include People magazine.

As time went on Lt. Kenda’s wife, rightly so, was very worried about his safety on the job – even to the point where she became concerned enough to fear that he maybe be killed. She would eventually confront Kenda with her concerns. In 1993 his family relocated to Falcon, Colorado where he would retire only three years later. He would go on to become unhappy with retirement and share his experiences with ID Network. In the recreations Carl Marino plays a younger Kenda as the real Kenda tells us the story behind each episode.

So #IDAddicts set your calendars, Homicide Hunter and Uncle Joe will be back in the Fall.

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  1. I enjoy watching detective Joe Kenda he and all the men that protect us are my heroes I am so glad there will be another series thank you Mr. Kenda for your service

  2. I’m so glad that Mr. Kenda is coming back. I’ve watched from the very first and never miss an episode. I just wish one day to meet him and Carl Marino, maybe one day. Looking forward to fall.

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