Meet The Unluckiest Criminal Ever

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There are dumb criminals, and then there are some that are just plain unlucky. At this point California man, Ernest Ramirez II, 19, of Covina, is looking like a little bit of both. Police arrested him for suspicion of armed robbery and resisting police when he tried to rob a pizza place.

The problem? The same pizza place had just been robbed 2 1/2 hours earlier. Yes, really.

Unfortunately this California man chose the wrong place to burglarize at the wrong time. Oof, we can almost hear his jailhouse buddies laughing at him from here.

San Gabriel Valley Tribune reports:

COVINA >> After someone fled with $1,500 from a local pizza parlor Tuesday, an armed man allegedly tried to rob the same business less than 2 1/2 hours later.

But he got caught when an officer stopped by to check on the shop following the first crime. The suspect in the armed robbery was arrested after an alleged fight with officers and treated for minor injuries, according to Covina police Lt. Trevor Gaumer.

Ernest Ramirez II - San Gabriel Valley Tribune
Ernest Ramirez II – San Gabriel Valley Tribune

One of the officers had used a Taser on the suspect, but it didn’t work, Gaumer said. One of the darts went through the suspect’s clothing.

The burglary and the robbery occurred at the Pizza Chalet, 461 S. Citrus Ave.

Police checking a report of a shattered door at the business just before 2 a.m. discovered a burglar or burglars had broken into the pizza place. Gaumer said the owner told officers he lost $1,500.

He said the owner was cleaning up from the burglary when a man with a knife walked into the restaurant at 4:21 a.m. and demanded money. An officer providing extra patrol saw the culprit duck behind a counter inside as they made eye contact. He said the owner ran out and told the officer what happened.

The suspect ignored the officer’s order to give up and began trying to kick a glass door to escape, according to Gaumer. Other officers arrived on scene.

The alleged robber then tried to get out using the front door but was confronted by officers, Gaumer said, adding a fight with the officers ensued.

Arrested was Ernest Ramirez II, 19, of Covina on suspicion of armed robbery and resisting police.

Officers also recovered a knife with a 6-inch blade, a hooded sweatshirt, gloves and a beanie left by the suspect inside the Pizza Chalet, Gaumer said.

Ramirez is being held at Covina jail without bail due to a no bail warrant. Booking record show he will be arraigned Thursday at West Covina Superior Court.

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