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Trouble In Taco Town

July 19, 2017
What do you do when a restaurant gets your order wrong? Threaten them with your gun, of course. Well, at least this guy did.  Per Los Alamos Monitor, a man threatened to pull a gun
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#HuntRepublicanCongressmen – Twitter

June 20, 2017
As we have all heard by now there was a politically motivated shooting last week by a crazed individual, 66-year-old James Hodgkinson, in Virginia. His intention was to shoot Republicans, and that he did early
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Three Teens Busted After Stealing Cardboard Cake

June 7, 2017
We all get the munchies sometimes, but these three Minnesota teens took things to an interesting level…of stupid. Per KSTP: Three teenagers thought they had nabbed some free treats from a Cub Foods in Edina
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MN Used Clothing Store Gets Unexpected Donation Of Marijuana

May 22, 2017
MAPLEWOOD, Minn (AP) –  Everyone loves charity, right? Well these weed dealers aren’t any different than the rest of us, it seems. According to Maplewood MN Police Department Facebook’s page, some kind citizen(s) was good
Christopher Willmon (Mohave County Sheriff’s Office)
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Arizona Man Attempts To Sell Heroin To Parole Officer

May 15, 2017
Things got interesting last week for Arizona Department of Corrections when Christopher Willmon errantly texted one of their officers arranging a meeting to sell some heroin. Yes, those officers hit the jackpot! Trish Carter of
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Get A Room, Dude

May 11, 2017
Oh boy. Where to even start with this one. There’s no denying the fact that millions out there love their MickeyD’s. However, this couple seems to like it a little too much. The craziness started
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Smile! You’re On Camera!

May 3, 2017
When these 5 criminals set out to rob the house of Yan Zhang of Chino Hills, CA., they ended up getting a good ol’ fashioned taste of justice. The intruders attempted to break into Mr.