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Watch – Okay Guys, Who Chewed Up Mom’s Address Book?

November 12, 2017
CRIME: Chewing up Mom’s address book Aside from being cute as can be, this 7 month old Spaniel is looking pretty guilty after Dad’s intense interrogation. Carling simply couldn’t hide his guilt and it is
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Watch UK Woman Brilliantly Take Down Facebook Scammer

October 7, 2017
These days most people have been exposed to scammers either via social media or other means. We’re all familiar with the Nigerian Prince scams as well as many others. The typical response is to delete

FBI hosts Q&A session on Twitter, hilarity ensues

September 28, 2017
On Wednesday the FBI held a Q&A session hosted by interns at the FBI’s branch in Albuquerque, NM., and things got funny pretty quickly. From wanting to know if Elvis is still alive, aliens, to
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Hurricane Machines For Sale! Or Something

September 6, 2017
As we all are seeing the devastation of mother nature during Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma, some online don’t really feel that it’s actually mother nature that controls the weather. Some seem to think the
French bulldog - Pixabay
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Busted! French Bulldog Can’t Hide His Guilt

September 2, 2017
Dog shaming never ceases to be funny. This little dog starred in a video uploaded to YouTube after getting busted by Mom when he left her some presents on her new carpet. Fortunately for the
German Shepherd
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I’m Shadow And I love Memory Foam – Video

August 30, 2017
CRIME: Destruction of Property Poor Shadow. This German Shepherd is very good at being bad, but not too good at facing interrogations by Mom. He probably needs a lawyer at this point. Mom is pretty