Jussie Smollett
Crime & Entertainment

UPDATED: Jussie Smollett: Hate Crime or Hoax?

February 13, 2019
2.16.19 LATEST UPDATE: Chicago PD tells Fox 32 the the two suspects released from custody are the source of the rope found around Smollet’s neck which was purchased at an Ace Hardware, and the brothers will

It’s Okay To Be White

November 5, 2017
After this woman sent out a racist tweet questioning the meme ‘It’s Okay To Be White’, as you can imagine, Twitter reacted. Her grammar also took a hit. Take a look. whomst the fuck is putting
Chelsea Handler-Twitter

Chelsea Handler Goes After 11 year-old Son Of Donald Trump

October 18, 2017
Is Chelsea Handler channeling her inner Kathy Griffin? Typically children are usually off-limits when it comes to kids and young children in the political arena. However, it seems like comedian Chelsea Handler ignored the usual etiquette
Rose McGowan
Entertainment News

Rose McGowan’s Account Suspended By Twitter

October 12, 2017
Twitter temporarily suspended actress Rose McGowan’s account, causing outrage across the network. This action comes on the heels of the Harvey Weinstein sexual misconduct scandal that is currently dominating the news cycle and has been for
Nancy Sinatra

Nancy Sinatra Calls For Murder of NRA Members

October 5, 2017
In the wake of the Las Vegas shooting emotions have been stirred as well politicization of the tragedy. Last night on Twitter Nancy Sinatra tweeted out that “The murderous members of the NRA should face

FBI hosts Q&A session on Twitter, hilarity ensues

September 28, 2017
On Wednesday the FBI held a Q&A session hosted by interns at the FBI’s branch in Albuquerque, NM., and things got funny pretty quickly. From wanting to know if Elvis is still alive, aliens, to
POTUS Donald Trump

President Trump, the NFL and #Takeaknee

September 24, 2017
President has Donald Trump now double-downed on his demand that NFL owners either fire or suspend the players who kneel during the US national anthem in protest. He has also called for a boycott of