The Blacklist – Recap of ‘Ilyas Surkov’ and Sneak Peek Of Tonight’s Episode

recap and preview by Susan Black

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Last week’s episode brings us to Leeds in the UK. It started out as a nice change – seeing entrepreneurial kids working their lemonade stand until it snowed “ash” from a chemical plant explosion. Seemed a little strange that one of the children was named Ethan – same name as the Golden Blood boy in “The Endling” episode.

Dr. Nik Korpal’s (played by Piter Marek) body is found in an empty lot, and while Red doesn’t deny killing Nik he tells Liz there is a possibility it could be related to him and vows to find the killer. At Nik’s funeral Liz falls apart and begins to question her way of life. Later on, Pete McGee (played by Karl Miller) is teased as a possible murderer of Nik. He had been testing the bones in the suitcase and could have easily killed Nik when he came over to check on Pete’s progress.

Blacklist - NBC
Blacklist – NBC

Even though she won’t admit it, Liz continues to be a huge fan of Red’s (played by James Spader), bragging to the FBI task force that “Red knows doctors in every continent.” Liz continues to be thoroughly confused and conflicted about her feelings towards Red. With every episode you see her express so many emotions about this relationship. Time will tell.

Red’s little side business with the mailman is making tons of cash, and he buys a doggie spa “The Critter Cabin” to launder the safe house money by making the spa a non-profit. Hawkins (played by Aida Turturro) is thrilled because she doesn’t know what to do with all this cash. However, she does know what to do with Dembe (played by Hisham Tawfiq) – and she lets him know in no uncertain terms. Dembe just ignores her.

In an effort to try to find out who is buying C-4 and planning explosions, Samar (played by Mozhan Marno) goes undercover in Belegrade and dresses for the part. She looks glamorous and is able to pass as a member of terrorist Ilyas Surkov’s team until she’s discovered and makes a run for Aram’s (played by Amir Arison) car. Unfortunately, Samar and Ghaffari are both taken and thrown into a van by an unknown group.

Aram freezes and Ressler (played by Diego Klattenhoff) takes over. They are able to stop the van, and everyone is shocked to discover the people in the van are CIA. Of course, feathers are ruffled and the tension is high. The CIA team brings the FBI to their safe house, and interrogates Raqquan Ghaffari, a demolition contractor identified by MI6 and the CIA as a seller of C-4. Much to the FBI’s amusement, the CIA doesn’t get anywhere with Ghaffari; however, after less than 30 seconds with Liz, Ghaffari opens up. It’s just about that time that Cooper (played by Harry Lennix) learns from Leon Cox (played by Fredric Lehne) the CIA Director of Operations, that there is no CIA safe house in Belgrade and that Surkov’s team is in London! Yikes!!!

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Turns out it’s a fake CIA team and the leader has been pretending to be Surkov (who Red claims has been dead for 15 months) and coordinating attacks. Come to find out the leader is a disavowed CIA agent who put together a fake task force. His biggest fan is Agent Calhoun (played by Erin Cummings) who takes the FBI team to one of CIA’s nearby offices that was broken into. There they find a file that leads them to Norfolk Virginia, where Surkov/Reuther’s next hit is planned. Sure enough, Reuther’s there and is ready to shoot a CIA agent delivering a shipment of C-4 as part of a “false flag operation.” Shortly there’s a huge explosion (of which Liz didn’t think would happen) and next we see Cooper and Cox in a confrontation. Cox tells Cooper that he avoided an international conflict “at any cost.” He even asks Cooper if he has never bent the rules “for the greater good.” It will be interesting to see how Cooper responds next week. Makes me wonder if Cooper will end up being a vigilante of sorts. In the meantime, Aram approaches Cooper telling him how embarrassed he was that he froze when Samar was taken, and that he wants to be “operationally trained.”

Next we see, for the first time, Liz and Tom’s baby “Agnes.” Tom has a whole conversation with Agnes and decides to sign up for one of those inpatient drug trials at a research center where Pete worked, in order to figure out who killed Dr. Nik. He’s not there long before breaking into Pete’s office where he finds a picture of Pete wearing sunglasses. In the reflection of one of the lenses you can see a female’s arm extending toward him, however one arm has a heart tattoo; identical to the one Tom’s research center’s nurse has. When Tom tells his nurse he is looking for Pete and tries to intimidate her into giving him information about Pete, the nurse doesn’t buy it. Curiously, she ends up meeting with Tom later on to let him know she’s changed her mind and wants to help him. Apparently Pete has been missing for a week.

The episode ends with Red calling the last number dialed on a phone that is believed to be Dr. Nik’s. For once Red appears speechless when Tom answers the call. As they say, time will tell.

In the meantime, take a peek at tonight’s episode “The Travel Agency.”

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