Twitter Responds To Oxygen’s New Caylee Anthony Documentary

New Caylee Anthony Documentary, twitter responds

Anthony Documentary -Oxygen
Anthony Documentary -Oxygen

Even today the tragic case of Caylee Anthony and her infamous mother, Casey Anthony, still causes outrage. Part one of Oxygen’s new documentary, The case of: Caylee Anthony, aired last night and responses from social media made it clear that there is no shortage for interest or outrage in what’s arguably one of the most notorious cases in American history to date.

From Oxygen:

“The Case of: Caylee Anthony” will take viewers past the media frenzy, to what’s really important — the details of the case and will present theories about what may have happened. Putting a new lens on this infamous case, Clemente and Richards have assembled the top minds in criminal justice including former FBI special agent James Fitzgerald; FBI Special Agent Nick Savage, who worked Anthony’s reported abduction and medical examiner Dr. Karl Williams.

Part 2 will air tonight at 8/7c and there’s certain to be more takes on the matter.

For now, let’s take a look at how Twitter responded to last night’s debut.

Mirroring the trial itself, opinions ranged from frustration at Casey, to the system itself to flat-out anger. Rightly, so, might we add.

Stay tuned, all. Part 2, airs tonight at at 8/7c on Oxygen.

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